5 Reasons You Need A Blog

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Of the billions of active Internet users today, few would have failed to observe the surge in the popularity of blogs. Where they previously served as platforms for personal journals and discussions on themed subjects, blogs have in recent years proved particularly useful for growing businesses. WordPress, the most widely-used blogging system to date, is an obvious choice among small to midsize businesses.

What then, you ask, is the logic behind blogging when your company already runs its own e-commerce website? Here are 5 excellent reasons why your business should have an up-to-date blog.

To generate more traffic wherever you need it

A reader-friendly e-commerce website isn’t always a guarantee that a customer will be able to navigate to the page they need to see. The more time they spend looking for a specific product or service, the bigger the risk of losing them to a competitor. Through internal linking, a blog allows you to create signposts pointing to different areas in your website. This alone should help boost your search engine rankings. But high-quality content also helps by producing organic traffic, which, when directed to the right pages, will skyrocket your sales.

To give your customers a heads-up on new products and services

A blog can make it easier for you to highlight your latest offerings, whether these be a line of new products for sale or a new and improved service. This allows you to effectively get the word out to current and potential customers without the hassle of making regular updates to your website.

To announce upcoming promos, sales, and other special events

The use of relevant and high-quality content aside, announcing upcoming deals on your blog is a low-cost and high-impact way to get your customers hooked. What’s more, this strategy tends to snowball, as readers will keep coming back to your blog to look for new discounts, rebates, and other special promos. The more frequently they visit your site, the better your chances are for converting loyal readers to paying customers.

To connect with new and long-term customers

In an increasingly competitive market, building strong relationships with your customers can spell the difference between profit and loss. A blog can help you connect with the right people, build a sense of trust, and ensure repeat business. Letting customers know who you are and how your business works also lowers the chances of losing them to the competition.

To build a solid business reputation

A blog allows you to gain more control over the kind of public image your business will build. While e-commerce websites are great for sales, they are limited in that they can’t always sway customer opinion in a business’s favor or fix negative press. When it comes to branding, few things are more effective than a dynamic company blog.

These 5 benefits should be enough motivation for any business owner to start building a blog. With the right tools and great content, you’ll be well on your way to realizing bigger profits.

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