Are You Ready For A Website?

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Today I want to answer a question that many of you may have. This question is the same one I had earlier in my career and that is “Are you ready for a website?” I will tell you, firsthand, the items I needed for me to answer this question with a firm yes.

When I first acted on the idea that I wanted to build a business based around web development, I realized I was missing three important items to build a solid website.


One of the most important tools to building a solid website is having an identity. Building my company’s identity taught me so much about my business before it was operational! I learned that the purpose of an identity is to let consumers know what is and what it stands for.

When you set out to build your identity, you will need to research a designer you would like to work with. From there, you can began to build the following pieces to your company’s identity: Branding Standards, Logo, and Colors.


Once the identity of was in place, I needed to attack the dreaded “B” word and that is budget. Setting a budget for my site wasn’t just a matter of saving up a set amount of money. I needed to shift my thinking towards the question, “how much am I willing to invest into the foundation of my dream?” This question carried my budget to a comfortable limit that allowed me to build a solid start to

I suggest you answer the same question, when it’s time, and hopefully you will arrive at a similar place in establishing your budget. In the upcoming weeks will feature an article that should enlighten you on price ranges of websites.


Now that my budget was set, I had one final piece to build, in order to complete, and that’s content. Without content, my website would have nothing to say to my customers. More importantly, I wouldn’t build the trust needed between my clients and myself before entering into a new business relationship.

When you start building your content you will find there are no shortages in ways to display it. You may choose to premier your video content on YouTube. If you’re savvy with audio, you may focus on content for iTunes. Whichever you decide, make sure you have enough content to fill your website and the marketing platforms you decide to use.


Building a website isn’t difficult with the right tools. Having an identity, budget, and enough content will give you a head start in completing your website is minimal delay.

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