Keeping Your Business Open During COVID-19

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This is ‘What Would Q Do?’ A series where I offer advice on how to solve business problems using technology. Need help with your business? Tell us more and I may be able to provide a solution in the next feature. Today I’m a salon owner in Charlotte, NC and my business has shut down […]

How To Solicit Quotes From Vendors

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If you’re starting or currently running your own business there will come a time where you need to purchase goods or services. There is an assumption that finding the right vendor is just as easy as shopping for your favorite consumer-based items. The truth is that finding the right vendor takes time and a little […]

Three Networking Tips for Startups

Networking is an opportunity to build professional relationships. Those relationships are key to reaching new levels in your industry. During my first networking event, the task of networking with seasoned industry professionals seemed daunting. In the end, I learned some valuable lessons that can help you become a networking pro. Act As If You Are […]