3 Tips On Finding A New Target Audience

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We sat down with a Charlotte-based investigation company to discuss expanding their reach to a new audience. Here are a few ideas we suggested that could be of benefit to you.

Maximize Your Current Customer List

Before you start looking for new customers to close, you may want to take some time to ensure your current list of customers are not only happy with what you have to offer but also consistent. There is no need to look for new customers if you haven’t maximized the opportunity to serve your customers that currently support your business.

Looking to your current list of customers can serve as an important move in the following ways:

  • Your current customer base will provide predictable income while you look for new customers to close
  • You may find new problems to solve with your current customers, providing a boost
    in revenue
  • Because you know your current customer base well, they may have a referral opportunity for you, if you just ask

If Necessary, Create A Secondary Message

Now that you’ve maximized your current customer list you should start with your marketing message. It’s rare that a business can attract a new set of eyes with the same message. So, if you’re able to see success with your current message then it may be time to for a change.

Changing your message may make you feel like you’re business over and honestly, you should. When making changes to your marketing message be sure to take a close look at the following areas:

  • Make sure you marketing headlines are inline with what your new audience expects
  • Don’t forget to highlight the benefits that are specific to your new audience
  • Research new marketing channels if the old one don’t cater to your new audience
  • Don’t be afraid to adjust your price to close early adopters of your product/service

Prioritize Your Time

Once you’re locked in on earning the business of your new audience you WILL notice a shortage of time. Balancing your time between the possibility of new clients and your current clientele will be difficult but you can do it with a little time management:

  • When you start this journey, your time could serve you better if you spilt current customers and attracting a new audience 80%/20%
  • As you start to see some results you could increase your time spent on your new customers in five percent increments
  • Once your plan starts to pay off and your time gets closer to an even split, think about hiring help

Wrap Up

Attracting a new target audience is a tough decision to make because you never know if it’s the right decision until you’re deep into the journey. Hopefully these tips can make the journey a less painful one to travel.

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