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Getting Started

Before we get started, we want you to know more about our process. Below we’ve answers common questions you may have such as projects we work on and prices.

When you’re ready, you can start to submit your content and setup a consultation meeting with us.

Let's Work Together

Who We Work With

Every company specializes in something and we are no different. Although we specialize in launching websites, we excel in developing sites for clients who run:

If you don’t fit in one of the categories mentioned above don’t worry, we can still create an awesome website for you. We just will need to get to know you and your business more.

We May Not Be The Right Fit

We Don't Work On

Although we would love to know how to do everything, unfortunately we can’t. Here is a list of services we don’t work on:


Investment Breakdown

We want to make sure we are candid about our pricing structure. Below is a breakdown of what it will take to launch your website.

Basic Website

Best for clients looking for just a website and nothing else.
$ 500
One-Time Fee
  • Pre-Made Website Theme (1-Page Layout)
  • 1-Page Brand Guide
  • 1 Year of Web Hosting Service
  • 1 Year of Domain Name Service
  • 1-Hour Website Training
  • 2-Business Day Turnaround
  • Square Setup and Integration

Premium Website

Ideal for clients looking to generate revenue via website.
$ 1,000
One-Time Fee
  • Pre-Made Website Theme
  • 1-Page Brand Guide
  • 1 Year of Web Hosting Service
  • 1 Year of Domain Name Service
  • 1-Hour personal website training
  • 7-Business Day Turnaround Time
  • Square Setup and Integration

Next Steps

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