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Its no secret that email is one of the best ways to reach your target audience throughout the year. When we started our email list we found there was no shortage of advice on How To grow our list. Although this information proved helpful for those who are looking for a large list, we are looking for much more. We are looking for loyal customers who subscribe to our content. Here are a few tips that helped us turn our email subscribers into clients.

We review our content

We found that the content we produced didn’t move the needle with our audience. Our motivation may have been to boost sales but this goal should be a long-term goal. In the short-term, we now focus on providing our subscribers with business changing content. Providing this level of content will allow our readers to trust us, eventually leading to sales.

Create a connection with follow-ups

Let your readers know you care by following up. This will surprise your readers, just like it did ours, but it’s well worth it. One approach is to follow up with readers that haven’t opened your emails yet. Using this approach, ask probing questions such as “why haven’t you open our emails?” or “what could motivate you to open more emails from us?” We, on the other hand, do the opposite by contacting our readers who have opened our emails and ask similar probing questions. These tactics have lead to long-term relationships which made it easier for our clients to trust that we have their best interest in mind.

Remember to be patient

When implementing these tactics remember to be patient. You don’t want to come off as pushy or too aggressive to your readers. Doing so can lead to a drop in viewership. Focus on helping your readers and they will in turn help you down the line.

Want to start your own email list?

We, at NicheOnline.net, provide e-mail marketing services for our clients. If you would like to start your own e-mail list we hope that you would look to us first. If you already have an e-mail marketing provider, you can always use our consulting services. We would love to help you.

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