Tamar Slay Basketball Rebrand

Slay Basketball

The Challenge

Samsung wanted to turn their users into brand advocates. One problem we identified was that Samsung users simply don’t know enough about the company to advocate for it. So we presented incredible untold stories that would make Samsung users proud, in a way that would keep them interested.


“NicheOnline.net really worked with us to create a new feel to our familiar brand. This new approach is something we can feel proud of and we are happy not only with the results on the front-end but also with the opportunity to connect with out audience on the back-end.”

The Story

Samsung Within is an interactive experience that put viewers in control and encouraged them to keep exploring. Each chapter had a unique digital interaction—from discovering the meaning of Samsung’s name in 360, to building the phone the world said was impossible, to answering the first phone call from the top of Everest. Following the launch, Brand Preference went up by 21% and Brand Pride increased by 14%—showing that Samsung had stories powerful enough to change perceptions. They just needed to be told.