Three Tips to Start SEO Strategy

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We recently sat down with a local business, in Charlotte, to talk about SEO and how it can effect their business. Upon listening further we found out the benefits of SEO was well known by the owner but developing the right approach was needed. our summerized conversation on how to approach SEO is detailed below.

Start Local

Focus your SEO strategy to your local area. This allows your SEO efforts to grow to a national level as your business demands. Starting local allows the following benefits:

  • Keep your marketing budget manageable
  • Reduce time spent on exposure
  • Build relationships with local media outlets to push your offering

Research the Competition

Remember to research your competition by finding out which keywords they use, then match those words with popular search terms typed in Google.

A successful comparison should yield the following results:

  • Common search terms typed in Google
  • Strength of competitor’s keywords compared to overall searches
  • Opportunity to implement the same keywords (if the competition isn’t large)

Remain Active

Think of your website as an extension of your physical business rather than a promotional item. Online activity should be a top priority once you’ve completed the previous steps above. Iffy  your site isn’t updated, advertised, or featured on high traffic sites your SEO will suffer and soon be considered a waste. Keep this from happening and people will start to discover the work you’re capable of producing.


In the end, SEO takes months of research and a long tail strategy that’s just as active online as you are in the real world.

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