Developing the Right Content for Your Newsletter

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Today we sat down with a Charlotte-based janitorial business to talk about email newsletters.

After an in depth talk about the benefits of e-newsletters we uncovered a problem that’s common among business wanting to utilize the idea, lack of content.

Here are a few ideas we suggested that could be of benefit to you.


Developing educational content can be helpful to your readers. When readers consume expert advice, from your email newsletter, they will begin to reference you as a trusted source in your field.

This reference can prove to be valuable by developing the following opportunities:

  • Upsell to current customers
  • Referrals to new prospects
  • Feedback from all readers

Community Focus

If you run a business that is active within the community, you could focus your attention on providing readers with an update on the impact you’ve made. Newsletters with a community focus informs your audience that their support of your business leads to your support of the surrounding area’s needs. Who knows, maybe you may start to see your clients become more involved in the initiatives you support.


Do It Yourself content is a simple twist on the education section mentioned above. The difference is that your DIY newsletter will not only inform readers but also give instructions on how to complete the topic covered. DIY lovers who take advantage of your newsletter will eventually view you as a trusted source like the educational approach but provide the extra benefit of cutting cost for your readers.

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