How To Choose The Right Domain Name

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I was talking to a friend who is starting their own business and she wanted to know where she should start. I told her after registering her business she should buy a domain name. Now I don’t sell domain names, yet. I did provide her with some advice on how to choose the perfect domain […]

How To Set up email on your iPhone

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I was recently asked to assist a client’s new hire with setting up their emails to an iPhone 6. We thought this tutorial would help those looking to do the same and having trouble: 1. Tap Settings on your home screen: 2. Scroll down and tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars. 3. Tap the Add Account option. […]

How to Password Protect Your WordPress Page

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While assisting a client with a WordPress problem I was asked if I knew how to password protect an individual page/post. I thought I would share the directions below just in case you’re having the same trouble: Navigate to the Page/Post landing page Hover over the Page/Post to reveal the quick links below the Page/Post […]

How To Check Emails From Other Accounts Using Gmail

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If you have multiple email accounts, you can check them all in Gmail. Gmail will import all your old messages and then continues to bring in new messages sent to your other account. You can add up to 5 accounts, including Gmail and your company emails. Below is an example of what you would need to […]

How To: Enhance Your Website Brand

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Where your product, service, or company as a whole is concerned, the importance of branding cannot be stressed enough. And where internet marketing is concerned, a brandable website is high-value currency. Branding dictates how people will see and think about your company and its offerings. A strong brand also helps customers connect your product or […]