Are You Ready For A Website?

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Today I want to answer a question that many of you may have. This question is the same one I had earlier in my career and that is “Are you ready for a website?” I will tell you, firsthand, the items I needed for me to answer this question with a firm yes. When I […]

3 Tips On Finding A New Target Audience

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We sat down with a Charlotte-based investigation company to discuss expanding their reach to a new audience. Here are a few ideas we suggested that could be of benefit to you. Maximize Your Current Customer List Before you start looking for new customers to close, you may want to take some time to ensure your current list of customers […]

Developing the Right Content for Your Newsletter

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Today we sat down with a Charlotte-based janitorial business to talk about email newsletters. After an in depth talk about the benefits of e-newsletters we uncovered a problem that’s common among business wanting to utilize the idea, lack of content. Here are a few ideas we suggested that could be of benefit to you. Educational […]

Three Tips to Start SEO Strategy

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We recently sat down with a local business, in Charlotte, to talk about SEO and how it can effect their business. Upon listening further we found out the benefits of SEO was well known by the owner but developing the right approach was needed. our summerized conversation on how to approach SEO is detailed below. […]

Turn You Email Subscribers into Clients Now

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Its no secret that email is one of the best ways to reach your target audience throughout the year. When we started our email list we found there was no shortage of advice on How To grow our list. Although this information proved helpful for those who are looking for a large list, we are […]

How To: Enhance Your Website Brand

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Where your product, service, or company as a whole is concerned, the importance of branding cannot be stressed enough. And where internet marketing is concerned, a brandable website is high-value currency. Branding dictates how people will see and think about your company and its offerings. A strong brand also helps customers connect your product or […]

How To: Get Started with Search Engine Optimization

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Overview Creating consistency in your blog is one of the best ways to make your site more competitive on search engines. Although Bing and Yahoo are relevant search engines that deserve some attention, Google is still the largest in terms of search traffic and should be optimized first. To achieve the goal of consistently placing […]